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Types Of Services Offered By Medical Clinics

A medical clinic is a specialized health care facility which is primarily geared towards the treatment of patients who require extensive treatment. Most clinics are privately run or publicly funded and managed. Clinics differ in different countries, for instance, in United States most clinics are government run whereas in various other countries clinics are privately run. The medical practices differ largely because of their differences in scope and service provision.

A medical clinic mainly provides diagnosis and consultation services pertaining to all aspects of health. It may not offer surgical or medical procedures. These services include prevention of diseases, diagnosis, treatment of common medical problems, treatments for various diseases, and care of patients with varying disabilities. Some clinics also provide assistance to women during pregnancy and childbirth, immunizations, cancer prevention and treatment, etc.

Information about medical clinics is available from the Department of Health. The Department of Health has details about all health services centers, both government controlled and non-government controlled, as well as their contact numbers. Information about various medical clinics and health services centers is also available on internet.

Training of medical professionals is also offered by several colleges and universities. Information about these courses and their period of completion can be found from the colleges and universities. Most medical clinics offer courses that provide training in preventive care, immunizations, diseases and infections, health administration, anatomy and physiology, and other courses related to the medical field. These training courses to enhance the knowledge of medical professionals and help them perform their duties in a better manner.

There are various types of outpatient services offered by medical clinics. These services help the patients to receive care at their own homes. Patients may visit the medical clinics for primary care, or for chronic illness they may need ongoing treatment. Some of the clinics also offer specialty services such as gynecological examinations and screening, and in pregnancy prenatal and neonatal care. These are mainly provided by the outpatient services.

Many medical clinics provide primary care services as well. These include vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses. A good secondary care facility would include doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses and technicians, providing primary care services as well. In order to provide primary and secondary care services, medical clinics should have properly trained staff.

The next type of service offered by a medical clinic is that of preventive care. A medical clinic would usually have a good range of preventive services available for the client’s general health maintenance. It could be disease detection, regular physical examination, testing and referral for various tests and procedures. In case of cancer detection, the doctor would advise the patient as to what type of cancer he or she has, how soon it can be treated and which type of treatments would be most suitable. A good primary care medical home would be fully equipped with x-ray machines, medical sonographers and laboratory equipment. It should have qualified staff members who could perform these services proficiently.

Patients may also go to medical clinics for emergency care or to be admitted due to their acute conditions. Emergency care is provided by trained emergency medical personnel, or by other approved emergency services. Walk-ins are allowed in most clinics except when there is a risk of medication refusal. General admission is generally made from walk-in or request after the patient has been assessed by the attending physician.

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